Monday, November 4, 2013

German Garmendia the South American YouTube Star

German Garmendia is one of the first international vloggers to really hit the big time.  I mean, the cream of the crop, at the tippy-tippy-top of the YouTube heap.  He has over 12,000,000 subscribers putting him along sides Smosh, and JMarbs, and that goofy PewDie-Whatever-I-Don't-Play-Video-Games-So-I-Don't-Care-About-Lets-Plays-Sorry-Guys.

How to watch HolaSoyGerman in English?  Simple, just click the CC button in the lower right side of the video and select the English closed caption option.  
Some of the videos only have one CC language available, so if it's not there then you won't be able to get the translation you wanted.

This confirms something I've been saying for YEARS now.  The hottest place to be in terms of opportunity for YouTube superstardom is, well...  Anywhere.

Anywhere else.

Anywhere other than the United States or Western Europe.  Latin America has blown up in a big big way and will continue to do so.  I'm a bit familiar with Latin culture myself, so I'm definitely curious to see what flavor of videos they will make and what idiocentricities they will bring.  I could see a lot of soccer type stuff.  I think it'd be great to see some sort of, simple, home-made, webisode style, novela's.  Especially made a little user-friendly so that an American audience might enjoy them.  The Spanish language broadcast network Univision for years has surpassed NBC in terms of popularity right here in America, and many non-Latinos have taken to them as well.

German does sketch comedy vlogs with jump cuts and a playground appropriate energy level.  I have dubbed him the "Latin Shane Dawson."

Even though he's amassed so many subscribers, he seems quite natural and real.  The cheap iMovie style intro suggests that he truly is still doing this on his own, and hasn't been scooped up and corrupted by some network like Maker Studios, etc.

Because of the Spanish-only nature of his videos, many in the United States and Western Europe haven't even heard of him yet.  So consider yourself quite "in-the-know" to be familiar with him.  I expect we'll be hearing a lot about mister Garmendia in the near future.  Keep it up German.  And congradulations of being the one to break that Glass Language Ceiling.

By the way guys, I have mainly moved my site to a new location.  I bought an ACTUAL domain name, because I'm taking this YouTube stars project super seriously.  I just wanted to post a couple more on this site to let some of my readers know that I got the new site.  It's

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